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Case Studies


Just a few case studies to showcase our work.

Below are but a few examples of how our team partnered with a client to understand their challenges and develop strategies and programs to help drive their business forward.

PMW_Case Study_Cisco_SMB dynamo


Content that Converted

Awareness and Demand Generation: Cisco SMB dynamo


Cisco has always had tremendous brand awareness in the enterprise market, but the company’s small business solutions and related partner offerings are far less known

PMW was tasked with developing a content-driven marketing program to address this sizeable gap, helping increase awareness and demand generation for Cisco SMB teams and partners worldwide


We started small, engaging Cisco partners, customers, and thought leaders to develop a series of SMB-focused stories and articles that were originally published as blogs.

As the collection of stories – as well as internal and external excitement for more – grew, we packaged them into themes and created a new brand property: SMB dynamo


  • What started as a series of blogs is now a successful e-zine, dynamic content hub, and multichannel marketing engine for multiple Cisco teams and partners.
  • More than 600 PDF downloads on average over the first four editions
  • Readership in 59 countries
  • Over 35 stories focused on technology trends, digital journeys, and expert perspectives
PMWase Study Sales + Marketing


Content that Converted

Sales and Marketing Enablement: Win Amplification Programs


With an unwavering focus on active and future deals, sales teams often neglect to share the winning strategies and lessons learned from those they’ve already landed

Global sales and marketing organizations have asked PMW to help amplify these wins and insights internally to facilitate knowledge transfer, stimulate additional sales, and identify customer references for multifaceted marketing activities


We’ve developed a highly efficient win amplification process that drives sales and marketing outcomes while requiring minimal time and effort from account teams.

It involves a brief input call for each sales win, the creation and internal distribution of a PDF outlining those wins, and cross-functional coordination to identify and pursue additional marketing opportunities.


  • Sales leaders and account teams routinely praise these programs for the knowledge and best practices they impart, helping promote winning sales motions, confront competitive strategies and messaging, and drive additional sales.
  • Sales and marketing leaders and teams greatly value these programs as well because they help identify customer references that can be used for meetings between prospective and current customers, internal/external case studies, analyst interviews/research, videos, events, and more.


We are a good fit if…


A partner that brings thought leadership, high-touch management and an innovative approach that will go deep in understanding your business to build exceptional communications that will engage and drive action with your customers and prospects.

  • Thought leadership
  • Strategic planning and high-touch program management
  • Expertise in developing compelling content and communications that inspire action and drive results


High-touch attentive, personal service that leads to long-lasting relationships based on trust to build your communications

A team of highly skilled and experienced individuals that are known for driving projects and programs forward


  • Exceptional craftspeople developing your communications
  • Communications that drive results
  • Your expectations to be exceeded

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