11 Jan 2017

Check out the new edition of Education Discovered magazine


Your customers don’t just want to be sold something. They want to be told something—stories like the ones you’ll read in Education Discovered, where teachers, students and IT pros across the nation share the ways they are reimagining what happens inside and outside of the classroom. http://bit.ly/2hAUzFV

13 Dec 2016

One theme. Ten thought leadership stories. Unlimited sales and marketing potential.


Check out the new Next-Generation Data Center edition of Cisco’s Unleashing IT magazine. http://goo.gl/mbsUTA



24 Jun 2015

Big Ideas, Big Data!


Cisco’s Big Data Special Edition of Unleashing IT has launched – check it out here:http://www.unleashingit.com/bigdata

28 May 2015

Michael Cerreto has a very Talented Mind!


Book 3 of the Talented Mind series of e-books, ‘Mental Toughness in Athletes: Sports Psychology Secrets to Dominate and Win’ has launched on Amazon. Visit Amazon.com and get caught up on this exciting series! Book 4 is coming soon…

27 May 2015

The latest Special Edition of Unleashing IT has launched!


Cisco’s Unleashing IT Integrated Infrastructure Special Edition has launched. Visit http://www.unleashingit.com/Integrated/

12 May 2015

Education Discovered – Issue 2 has launched!


The second issue of Microsoft Canada’s exciting new publication has launched! Visit www.microsoft.ca/discovered and join the conversation today!

15 Apr 2015

A Talented Mind – e-book series launches on Amazon!


Michael Cerreto is a Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist who has recently launched his e-book series on Amazon in collaboration with Partner Marketing Works. Two titles have been released thus far (Journey back from Chemobrain, and The Corporate Competitor), with more to follow this summer. Michael offers readers a mix of practicality and inspiration. Visit his site to learn more about the author at www.atalentedmind.com, and visit www.amazon.com to order his e-books.

27 Jan 2015

No Time for Watches


It’s been 20 years since I removed my wristwatch. I had experienced a run of stressful life events and was living in constant overdrive when I heard a radio talk show host espouse the idea that watches contribute to high anxiety. He used the example of being late for an appointment, stuck in traffic, and how each glance at your watch increased adrenaline even though there was nothing you could do. It seemed easy enough. Get rid of the watch and enjoy instant calm. Well … not quite. At first I was breaking my neck to see the kitchen clock, turning on the TV to catch the time and continually checking my car clock while driving. And I was always asking others for the time. Then I started to play a little game. Whenever I wanted to know the time, I made a mental guess. At first, I was off by 10-15 minutes, but soon I surprised myself by how accurate I could be. Turns out, the less you rely on clocks, the more you develop your internal sense of time. Who knew?


26 Jan 2015

The Power of the Interview


One of the first assumptions people make when they discover I’m a writer is that I only write about familiar subjects. When they learn I cover just about anything – from robotics, big data and image-guided surgery to education, the chemical industry and home décor – they question how it’s possible. The answer is easy. As a content developer, the most important step is finding the right subject matter expert. Then you have to ask great questions – and never be afraid to pose a stupid one. Of course, it pays to do research ahead of time and come prepared with intelligent queries. But once you understand how important the interview is to the writing process, literally no topic is out of reach.