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Our small and nimble team of strategists, writers and project leaders handle every detail of the storytelling process, from editorial planning and stakeholder interviews, to content development, production and distribution. Whether your goal is boosting brand awareness, generating marketing results or advancing sales discussions, we can showcase your thought leadership in a number of ways.

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We have an interesting mix of minds working here, and like to share their ideas...about anything and everything.

4 Aug 2020

The secret to engaging content: It’s not about you


Over the course of my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work on both sides of the publishing fence: One that is built on traditional models and editorial independence, and the other that is enterprise-led and promotional in nature. Seeing both sides—and all the grey areas in between—has led to a distinct perspective on what […]

20 Jul 2020

No Time for Watches


It’s been 20 years since I removed my wristwatch. I had experienced a run of stressful life events and was living in constant overdrive when I heard a radio talk show host espouse the idea that watches contribute to high anxiety. He used the example of being late for an appointment, stuck in traffic, and […]

30 Jun 2020

The Power of the Interview


One of the first assumptions people make when they discover I’m a writer is that I only write about familiar subjects. When they learn I cover just about anything – from robotics, big data and image-guided surgery to education, the chemical industry and home décor – they question how it’s possible. The answer is easy. […]

Our Fans

We aim to please.

  • “For years I had wanted to create a publication exclusively for the Education sector in Canada. I tried a few avenues but all came up short. I was introduced to David from PMW and began brainstorming on ways to reach this audience in a meaningful and relevant way. Once we landed on a concept, PMW did the rest. David and his team engaged with subject matter experts, attended industry events, met with internal stakeholders and truly began to understand what was needed for a successful publication. From cover artwork to detailed research to story development, PMW didn’t miss a beat. The magazine, which was created in both digital and print, instantly became a sales tool, an anticipated industry magazine and a place where educators, IT staff and executives, and partners in the sector were proud to contribute to. Microsoft Education now recognizes Education Discovered magazine as a worldwide best practice.”


    Nicole Leff-Pollak

    Education Business Development Manager

    Microsoft Canada

  • “Partner Marketing Works has a team of outstanding storytellers. In the years I’ve worked with them, I have been continually amazed at their ability to synthesize and distill complex topics and inputs. They elevate the conversation to make it meaningful for our audience of business and technology decision makers.”

    Adrian den Hartog, Americas Field Marketing, Cisco Systems, Inc.

  • “Throughout the years I’ve worked with many marketing agencies in both Canada and the United States and I’ve rarely seen an organization that provides such a high level of professionalism.  The people of PMW are highly experienced professionals that provide the attention to detail required to ensure a smooth execution of projects, on time and within budget.”

    Geraldine Roy

    Medium Business Customer Acquisition Marketing

    Microsoft Canada

  • “It is amazing, how you guys put the whole story together.  Excellent work.”

    Ezequiel Aiello

    Data Center Product Sales Specialist, Argentina, Paraguay & Uruguay

    Cisco Systems

  • “…PMW worked relentlessly to interview key constituents within the end user and channel organizations involved in the technology solutions, and to produce quality content.”

    Bob Martin

    Marketing Programs Manager Intel of Canada Ltd.